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1:20 CPLA PG-99/ Oerlikon 35mm Anti-Air autogun
$ 245.05
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Oerlikon GDF-002   35mm Anti-Air autogun

( CHINA Clone PG-99 )

Full Metal Modle

Very detail ,  can operate like the real !!!


1:24 scale

The Type 90 twin-35mm anti-aircraft artillery (AAA) is a Chinese copy of the Swiss Oerlikon GDF,

one of the worlds most capable low-altitude air defence weapon systems.

The weapon was designed to engage high-speed, low-flying aircraft, helicopters,

unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) and cruise missiles.

A tracked self-propelled variant of this weapon has also been produced and tested but it did not enter the PLA service.

The Type 90 replaced the obsolete Type 65 and type 74 twin-37mm AAA to provide field air defence

for the ground forces at the division and group army level.China imported a small number of the Oerlikon GDF twin-35mm AAA

and the associated Skyguard air defence radar system from Switzerland in the 1980s.

Later the weapon was produced in China locally under license as the Type 90.

The Oerlikon GDF AAA system is available in three major variants: GDF-1, GDF-2 and GDF-3.

It is not known exactly which model the Type 90 was based on,

but it is thought to be comparable in performance to the GDF-2 developed in 1980.

The Type 90 was first revealed to the public during the 1999 National Day parade held in Beijing.

Description of model:

Material:Zinc alloy construction with plastic parts.

Approximately 380mm in Length.Hand-assembled from more than 550 separate parts.  

This precision-engineered model with such working features:All operation handle and switch can work as real artillery,

the turret and turns,moving wheels in every battle position,caisson,armament.

Hand-assembled and match all the details to original.

All details aimed to military weapon buffs,collection expert,and the soldier who man it










This Product was added to our catalog on Wednesday, 01. April 2009.

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$ 32.04
1 x 'ZIPPO ROC TAIWAN 35mm AutoGun' order

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