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VFC Knight PDW DX Version
$ 538.44
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DX Version 


  • 10 inch outer barrel & 280mm inner barrel
  • 8 inch outer barrel & 229mm inner barrel
  • PDW NT3 QD Silencer
  • 2 Rib Rail Panel
  • 5 Rib Rail Panel
  • 9 Rib Rail Panel
  • Knight short tactical grip
  • Knight Flip-up Front Sight
  • Knight Small Rail Flip-up Rear Sight
  • 120 Rounds Mid-Cap Magazine

    The Features of KAC PDW   In mid 80s, US Army developed Personal defense weapon (PDW).It filled a similar role; it was primarily intended not for front line troops, but for others such as drivers, engineers and medics to defend themselves in an emergency. As it give portable, easily control, and penetration to instead of pistol, submachine gun and assault rifle. In 2006, after FN P90, and H&K MP7, Knight's Armament Company (KAC) announced a submachine gun size with assault rifle fire power advanced weapon – KAC PDW.

    KAC PDW has two versions, one with 8 inch barrel and the other with 10 inch barrel. The weight is just around 2kg. Its length with butt stock folded is only 17.5inchs. It’s an ultra lightweight and compact weapon. It fires a 6x35 mm cartridge, and could get an effective range in 300M to penetrate the body armour. It has two gas pistons tapping hot gas from the barrel to operate its mechanism, located on the top left and right sides of the bolt carrier. The single mainspring is located on top, between the two gas pistons. The bolt itself is said to be similar to an AK-47-type rotating bolt. The specialist looks is the concave circular hole on the barrel surface to reduce the weight and heat. The particular configuration of flash hider is stock plate inside design to suppress the barrel bound up from the fire. The upper receiver integrates the rail hand guard and equips a removable flip up front sight and rear sight. The lower receiver is similar to M4 series; charging handle, magazine catch, bolt catch and selector lever…etc are also as the same as M4 series. Therefore, M4 user will use this gun very easier.

    With compact size, amazing fire power, easy control and high penetration…etc features, the KAC PDW already becomes a rising star in the world of advanced weapon. Surely, the intelligence such as TSWG make the best choice to choose KAC PDW.

    Features of VFC Knight PDW   Always pursues the innovation, and keep the fineness, and realism as a faith, the VFC paid a lot of effort and cost to develop such an advanced weapon KAC PDW to an outstanding AEG.

    The VFC Knight PDW is made from high quality aluminum alloy and steel, and process with CNC machining and military standard finish. The resulting product has the exact look and feel of the real steel. The many metal components of the PDW give it a solid but well balanced, easily maneuverable feel. Every detail of externals, including the concave circular holes barrel, grenade surface liked flash hider, and one peace upper receiver….etc, is meticulously crafted. The unique patented design such as the Bolt Lock System and functional ambidextrous safety, and magazine catch, upgrade the maneuverability.

    Regarding the gearbox mechanism, it equips 8mm enhanced precision Gear-Box, with professional steel bushing, high hardness steel gears, durable Polymer Carbon piston which material is also the same as the Glock pistol frame, and ball bearing spring guide. It is strictly tested by the 12 volt Car Battery and suit for the Li-Poly battery. The instant you pull the trigger, you will feel the amazing explosive force.

    VFC Knight PDW represents the KAC knight spirit successfully, and satisfies the players’ ultimate aspiration. With remarkable configuration and excellent performance, it would be the first choice of CQB AEG.

  • This Product was added to our catalog on Monday, 08. December 2008.

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