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the Rk95 is the ultimate evolution of the Valmet Rk62 assualt rifle.  The RK62 was itself an improved, license-built variant of the AK (or as its more commonly known in the West, the AK-47), and a shipment of Rk62 receivers also formed the original basis of the Israeli Galil series.

*note* I’m using the Finnish military “Rk” (Rynnäkkökivääri / assault rifle) rather than the commercial “M” designation.

The Rk62 rifle went through a number of evolutionary improvements and changes during its service career, but in the late 1980′s the Finnish government issued a requirement to replace the Rk62.  In response, the SAKO company delivered a prototype in 1990. The M90 prototype was a substantial reworking and modernising of the Rk62 – yet retained its familiar layout and form factor. 

Interestingly, the one thing that SAKO didn’t change was the calibre.  You might have thought that by 1995 they would have seen the writing on the wall and changed over to the 5.56 x 45mm NATO calibre; however, always true to their independent spirit they chose to stick with the M43 7.62 x 39mm Russian calibre – as they appreciate its greater ability to punch through cover.  Which is an important consideration when your defense strategy calls for prolonged guerilla warfare conducted in thickly forested terrain.

The other thing that didn’t get changed – interestingly – was the AK-style safety/selector lever.  The original M90 prototype had a new style of safety/selector lever mounted on the left side of the rifle, but this was changed back to the traditional AK style on the production-ready rifle.

The final result after a few years of testing and further tweaking was introduced into Finnish military service as the Rk95 Tp (Tp = Taittoperä / folding stock).  The Rk95 may justifiably be called “The Ultimate AK” – and also possibly the most expensive.  The most immediately noticable differences between the Rk95 and the Rk62 are the SIG-inspired tubular folding stock, the FN-inspired muzzle break / flash hider, the improved charging handle angle, and the improved rear sight – you might also even notice the slightly changed profile of the milled lower receiver around the mag well.

The Rk.95TP is the latest variation of the Finnish military rifles. It featured old-style milled receiver, but new, side-folding skeleton-type buttstock (Galil type), new muzzle flash hider and new handguards. The triggerguard is enlarged to enable shooting in gloves during the cold Finnish winters. It should be noted that Rk.95TP is referred as Sako Rk.75, not the Valmet Rk.95, because the Sako company (involved in production of the Rk.62 and further modifications almost from the start) was merged with the Valmet company under the name Sako. The Rk.95TP was received by Finnish Army in small quantities (only one batch manufactured). The semi-auto version of the Rk.95 is used for civilian training and practical shooting (under IPSC rules), as well as sold for export. The Rk.95 may be equipped with Finnish-made Reflex sound suppressor.

Material Stainless/Aluminum/Steel/Zinc/Plastic/Nylon/Fiber
Overall Length 940 mm
Weight 3000g
Gear box bearing 6mm oilless
 Motor 25000 rpm Hi-torque axis
Inner Barrel Length 438 mm
Magazine 600 Rounds
Muzzle Velocity 90-100m/sec with 0.2gBB
氣 動 式 連 動 系 統
防 火 帽
Blow Back System
Flash Suppressor
前 準 星
護 木
Front Sight
強 化 握 把
後 罩 門
Reinforced Grip
Rear Sight
600 發 彈匣

This Product was added to our catalog on Monday, 27. September 2010.

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